Fed's Meal Club provides nutritionally designed breakfast, lunch, and dinner options everyday. You'll never be bored with your food again!

Breakfast, lunch & dinner options, 6 days a week.
Plans renew weekly; pause, customize, or cancel any time.
Dietitian-designed, chef-created meals delivered to your door.
Free deliveries when ordering 10+ meals per week.
See delivery prices here.

Streams—choose the diet that fits your health goals

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  • Get 100% of your daily nutrition (Health Canada's RDAs for adults) through breakfast + lunch + dinner
  • 3 new meals every day
  • Customized meals to meet your dietary needs
  • Balance energy, improve mental health with real food
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  • A dedicated Fed Registered Dietitian to set health goals and monitor progress
  • Chef created meals that control your blood sugar levels throughout the day
  • Access to our app - track your A1C + weight with physician oversight of your progress.
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  • A dedicated Fed Registered Dietitian to safely guide you through the plan
  • A convenient meal service that helps you stick to a ketogenic diet
  • This plan is not for everyone—please consult with your physician prior to going on a keto diet
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  • 3 new low carb meals every day
  • Customized meals to meet your dietary needs
  • Balance energy, improve mental health, and boost immunity with real food

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  • A dedicated Fed Registered Dietitian to support you with your weight loss journey
  • Use our app to track your energy intake
  • A worry-free, convenient, and delicious meal service that lets you forget about counting calories

Deliveries — free when you order 10 or more meals/week

Looking for corporate options?
Fed's Full Nutrition Meal Club provides 100% of your daily nutrition through breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. It is the easiest way to eat healthy. You can choose from our Full Nutrition menu or build your own meals. All meals are made from scratch, and delivered fresh (never frozen).

Common Questions

Can I choose my meals?
While we suggest going with the curated Full Nutrition meals, you can also choose alternative meals from the custom/advanced menu. It just requires a couple extra steps!
Can I skip meals?

You can skip individual meals, full days, or full weeks before the order deadline by unselecting meals on the app.
When is the order deadline for next week?
We accept orders (for the following week) anytime before Thursday at midnight. This allows our team to source the right amount of ingredients and make any customizations necessary.
I have dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate?
Yes we can!
You can choose one of our 5 allergies or food preferences to add to your profile and we’ll make sure to exclude it from your meals. Please note that our meals are prepared in a facility that processes nuts, seafood, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, mustard and sesame. Although best practices are used when preparing the meals, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.
Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?
Our temperature controlled bags with ice packs will keep your meals cool for up to 4 hours even if you're not at home to accept the delivery.
Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver throughout Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.
Still have more questions? Check out our FAQs
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Fed Delivery Fees

Vancouver: $2.99/delivery
Burnaby: $2.99/delivery
North Vancouver: $4.99/delivery
West Vancouver: $4.99/delivery
New Westminster: $4.99/delivery