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Fed is a futurist food company.
We make healthy eating easy for you.
Why get Fed?
designed by a dietitian
delivered fresh daily
ready to eat
Breakfast + Fruit Cup
The underrated meal of our generation, breakfast is too often neglected. We see breakfasts as an important source of protein and fibre. Our breakfasts are low in fat and sugar, in order to minimize sluggishness and to keep you energized through the morning.
Oh, and you get a fruit cup with every breakfast, to enjoy later in the morning!
If you want to maintain a productive afternoon, you'd be hard-pressed to do so without eating lunch. But while you might get the afternoon slump when you grab a sandwich or a burger, ours go above and beyond to ensure a more balanced energy intake. With Fed's lunch, you'll avoid having to waste time waiting in line or having to even think about it.
Tired of having to figure out a healthy, delicious dinner option every. single. day? Get Fed's dinner—always a different meal so you can focus on better things after a long day than shopping for groceries, cooking, or choosing from a take out menu.
A Full Nutrition™ Meal Club
Join the Meal Club to get all three meals. They’re made and delivered fresh every day. With Fed, you can finally get all your macro+micro nutrients. Every day.
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What's Special About Fed?
Full Nutrition™
Fed has developed a meal plan that delivers all the nutrients that the average Canadian needs, on a daily basis.
We work with Health Canada's RDA's for adults to determine the optimal amount of 30 nutrients (macro + micro) you need, and we make sure to have 100% of those in our meals every day.
Read more about our Full Nutrition™ commitment >
Zero Waste
Fed's business model was designed from the ground up to be your most sustainable food source. Our commitment to the planet starts with a zero-food-waste business model: we only purchase enough ingredients to make the meals that you've ordered.
We also take back, sanitize, and reuse all the food containers and packaging (or you can recycle them).
Fed’s monthly publication about the food industry and the people behind it.
No artificial facts added.
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