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Meal Clubs
Join the Meal Club for ready-to-eat meals. They’re made fresh every day and come with daily delivery. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for Full Nutrition.
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Expert Advice
For a more personalized approach to nutrition, NutritionAide gives you access to your own Registered Dietitian who can become your food coach, all at your fingertips
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Why We're Different
Danielle Sanders
Lead Registered Dietitian, MSc RD
Team of Professionals
Our team is made up of regulated professionals with tons of clinical experience. We will never ever sell you snake oil. We adhere to strict standards of practice, combining evidence-based and complimentary approaches to create our specialized meals.
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Powered by Technology
Our meal club is carefully planned by our registered dietitian with the use of our in-house technology. The meals are measured to the gram, so that we provide the optimal levels of macro and micro-nutrients, as determined by Health Canada.
Great Partnerships
On our never-ending journey up the personalized nutrition mountain, our partners in climb are some of the best in Canada. They use the most advanced technologies to generate all your test results. These help us give you the most accurate and trusted recommendations.
Kicking fads to the curb
There are a lot of pseudo-experts (and actors) peddling nutrition fads. We say no to the fads and keep an eye on breakthroughs in nutrition science. We’re true and timeless, not trendy and temporary.
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