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Fed is a futurist food company.
We make healthy eating easy for you.
Fed helps you attain your Full Nutrition and achieve a lower footprint through your food. With Fed your meals are dietitian-designed, chef created, delivered fresh to you daily. You no longer have to think about where your next meal is coming from or if it will help optimize your health. Just heat and eat.
How Fed Works
schedule your meals
Fed is flexible. Log into our app anytime to select your weekly meals!
delivered fresh daily
New dietitian-designed meals are created from scratch by our chefs on a daily basis.
heat & eat
No more groceries, cooking or take out. We’ll fill your fridge with delicious, nutrient dense meals that are ready to eat in minutes.
Deliciously Crafted Meals
Our meals are carefully designed by our dietitian, and created from scratch by our chefs. We make sure our food is preservative-free, and use organic ingredients as long as they're sustainable. We go out of our way to get you the meals fresh, in order to ensure great taste. Meet all of your macro & micro nutrient needs by eating with Fed.
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How to get started...

1. Choose a Meal Club
2. Indicate your food constraints
3. Schedule your first week of meals
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What's Special About Fed?
Full Nutrition™
Fed has developed a meal plan that delivers all the nutrients that the average Canadian needs, on a daily basis.
We work with Health Canada's RDA's for adults to determine the optimal amount of 30 nutrients (macro + micro) you need, and we make sure to have 100% of those in our meals every day.
Read more about our Full Nutrition™ commitment >
Zero Waste
Fed's business model was designed from the ground up to be your most sustainable food source. Our commitment to the planet starts with a zero-food-waste business model: we only purchase enough ingredients to make the meals that you've ordered.
We also take back, sanitize, and reuse all the food containers and packaging (or you can recycle them).
Convenient as can be
Along with our focus on nutrition and sustainability, we strive to be your most convenient meal option. Get tomorrow's meals delivered straight to your home or office, as soon as they're prepared. That way, all you have to do is grab the meals from the fridge when hunger strikes. Can you get more "on demand"?
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