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Plant-Based Meals
Dietitian-designed meal service for sustainable eating.
Starting at just $11.60/meal
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Fed/plant-based is a nutrient dense, balanced meal solution allowing you to put your food decisions on autopilot.
We provide 3 meals a day delivered fresh, daily.
Nutritious plant-based diet on autopilot


All meals are part of a larger weekly vision to provide a delicious and nutritionally-balanced diet with new meals every day.

Chef prepared

Each week, our team of chefs create a new menu for what’s in season and flavourful. We believe eating delicious food is crucial to a healthy diet.

Ready to Eat in Minutes

Fed meals are delivered fresh daily conveniently to your home or office delivery, ready to heat when you are.
Nutritionally Designed Meals
Made simple
We go beyond calorie counting and excessive food restrictions and focus on providing well balance meals that help to achieve long term healthy habits.

Focus on Micronutrients

Our meals are designed using nutrient dense ingredients that provide you with the vitamins and minerals your body needs every day to feel it’s best.

Nutrient Diversity

Expect something new everyday with Fed, using locally sourced ingredients to help you get the variety of nutrients you need.

No Refined Sugar

Our chefs use expert culinary techniques and fresh ingredients with the goal of eliminating reliance on refined sugar for deliciousness.

The Most Sustainable Way to Eat

Our plant-based meal plan takes sustainability to the next level. Zero food waste model, all-electric kitchen, and biodegradable packaging, alongside a sustainably sourced plant-based diet.
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