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How do I order?
Once you have created your Fed login credentials you can sign into your account via our iOS app or our Web App.

For iOS users:
1. Download the Fed app onto your iOS phone using this link:
2. In the app, tap Meal Club
3. Login using your login credentials. 
4. Begin modifying next week's orders by tapping the Next Weekly Order button, and then tap Modify Order.
5. If you don't want a meal, just tap the check mark - it will change to an "X" meaning you will not get that meal. 

For Android users:
1. Go to the Fed Web App:
2Login using your login credentials 
3. Begin modifying next week's orders by clicking the Next Weekly Order button, and then click Modify Order.
4. If you don't want a meal, just click the check mark - it will change to an "X" meaning you will not get that meal. 

Please note all modification need to be made every Friday at 12 PM for next weeks meals
How do I register to get Fed meals?
If your company is already a member of the Fed Meal Club, you can register here using your companies invitation code
My company doesn’t have an invitation code. How do I get one?
Please go to to sign up your office and request an invitation code for your company.
Can I set a default order schedule?
Yes you can! Go to the Fed web app and login. Click on Default Order Schedule, choose your default order and click Save. Your default order will repeat weekly.
What type of meals do you offer?
We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner every weekday with our Meal Club. Eat three meals a day with us and get 100% of your recommended daily intake of micro and macro nutrients. Every week we have a new dietitian-designed menu.
Can I choose the meals I receive?
Yes you can. Select which meals you want and don’t want to receive by Friday at 12 PM for next week.
Can I see next weeks menu?
Yes, if you want to see the menu please email [email protected] to begin receiving next weeks menu every Monday.
Do you deal with allergies?
Yes we do. You can choose one of our 10 allergies or food preferences, called personalizations, to add to your profile and we’ll make sure to exclude it from your meals. Please note that our meals are prepared in a facility that processes nuts, seafood, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, mustard and sesame. Though best practices are used when preparing the meals, we cannot guarantee the complete absence of allergens.
How do I get charged?
You’re charged weekly on Friday after our order deadline.
Can I leave the Meal Club??
Yes! You can leave at anytime. Just email us at [email protected]
Can I pause the Meal Club?
Yes, you can pause directly in the app for a week or you can set your default order schedule to receive no meals. Your default order schedule will repeat weekly and you can change it at anytime. Please make sure to make any changes before the order deadline of Friday at 12 PM.
Do I have to be present to receive my delivery?
No, you don’t. We’ll leave your meals in your office refrigerator labelled with your name.
Where do I find the nutritional information and ingredients list?
You can find the nutritional information and ingredients list on the meal sheet provided each and everyday. You can also find the ingredients list in the Fed App under Today's Meals.
Are Fed meals frozen?
Never! Our meals are prepared fresh every day and delivered daily. All you have to do is follow the heating instructions found on your meal sheet, and in less than 2 mins it's ready to eat!
What does the nutrition diagram on the meal sheet show?
The meal sheet shows the distribution of micro and macro nutrients in every meal.
How do I store the meals before I eat them?
Once you receive your food, place it the refrigerator until you are ready to eat. If you receive your meals in one of our temperature-controlled bags, the food can remain in there for up to 4 hours.
Do I need to return the temperature-controlled bag and ice pack?
Yes. If you don’t return the temperature-controlled bag and ice pack within 30 days your account will be charged for the cost.
Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes, it is! We also have a waste-free program. You can return the containers to us in the temperature-controlled bag we provide, and we’ll sanitize and reuse them
How do I heat up my meals?
Meals are served in BPA-free containers and can be heated in the microwave. However, we ask that Meal Club members plate their meals and not eat straight from the container in order to practice mindful eating.
Can I choose the meals I receive?
Yes, you can. Select the meals that you want to skip by 12pm on Fridays. This will apply to the following week’s meals. All meals are carefully designed by our dietitian to ensure you get your full-nutrition. However, we can only promise you'll receive full-nutrition if you order all 3 meals on any given day.
Can I change my personalization?
Yes! You can change your personalization on a weekly basis by emailing [email protected] Please note that if you do add a personalization and the ingredients in the meal are altered, we are no longer able to promise full-nutrition.
What is full-nutrition?
Full-nutrition is all the macro and micro nutrients your body needs daily in order to function properly and maintain good health. When this is achieved it leads to higher levels of energy, productivity, less stress, and better health and wellness. It also reduces the risk of diseases (e.g. osteoporosis, cancer, cardio vascular disease, etc).
What does RDA mean?
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the estimated amount of a macro and micro nutrients needed per day for the maintenance of good health. We use Health Canada’s RDA measure as our standard. It’s important to meet your daily RDAs so that your body gets everything it needs to function optimally.
How is Fed different from other meal prep companies?
Unlike other meal prep/meal plan companies, Fed’s meals are designed by our in-house Registered Dietitian to ensure you will meet 100% of your recommended daily intake of micro and macro nutrients for the day. That’s a Fed promise! You never have to think about what you eat ever again.
Also, our meals are made fresh daily and delivered daily. No more eating day old meals.
How long do meals stay fresh after delivery?
Meals will stay fresh up to 3 days after delivery.
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