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A ketogenic Meal Club designed by professionals
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Fed/keto is a nutrient dense, balanced meal solution designed to help you achieve ketosis. We deliver all your meals fresh, daily.
Fed/keto is a dietitian designed and monitored meal plan, designed to safely allow you enjoy fresh low carb meals daily.  We provide 3 meals a day delivered fresh to your door.

Our ready-to-eat meals are designed by a Registered Dietitian, and created from scratch by our chefs. With Fed/keto you can forget worrying about tracking your macronutrients and whether you’ll stay in ketosis. Our worry-free, convenient, and delicious meal service lets you forget about all that!

When you join Fed/keto, you first meet with our dietitian for a baseline consult to discuss your goals and make sure that the Keto diet is right for you. Once you select your start date you will start receiving meals. After 1 week, we will arrange a follow-up consult to review your progress and decide on the best path forward. Following your initial follow-up, each subsequent follow-up will happen monthly. While on Fed/keto, we’ll be there to motivate and support you each step of the way.

Expect something delicious, fresh, and balanced everyday that will help you meet your health goals. Signup now.
A bit about the ketogenic diet
- Keto is a high fat (healthy fats on our plan), moderate protein, and low-carbohydrate program that forces the body to utilize fat as energy instead of carbohydrates.
- The human body uses either glucose found in carbohydrates or “ketones” found in fats, as sources of energy.
- When strictly depriving the human body from carbohydrates, your body soon learns to burn ketones, which are produced by your liver
- It is very important to consume plentiful amounts of healthy fats and leafy green vegetables when following the ketogenic diet
- In order to achieve a state of “ketosis”, where your body is utilizing ketones as energy, you should strictly follow a ketogenic diet
- The average person reaches Ketosis within 2-10 days, must consume less than 30g of carbohydrates a day in most instances, remember that includes vegetables as well, which have carbs surprisingly
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