Keep Our Frontline Fed
Fed is taking action to help our frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of us. It has knocked us down and locked us in.


All of us will have a role to play in rebuilding, but today it’s our frontline health workers who are carrying the heaviest burden. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and whole range of support workers are putting in long hard hours, in many cases while also managing their own family obligations.


We want to help, and we need your help to spread the word.


From now through the end of April, we’re offering our Meal Club to frontline health workers at cost. That’s any of our diets and plans at $8.67/meal, with below-cost delivery within our delivery zone.


If you know anyone who is working hard to contain COVID-19 and keep people healthy, please share this note with them and tell them to go to fedfedfed.com and use the discount code frontline as they sign up, or to email us at [email protected]


We built Fed to help busy people eliminate the need to worry about food decision, cooking, and the food waste associated with grocery shopping. We design, prepare, and deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 6 days a week to our members throughout the Lower Mainland, helping them put their food decision on autopilot and focus on what matters most. Right now, that’s keeping people healthy and safe.


Thanks for your help.

Elin Tayyar

Co-founder & CEO, Fed

PS: As you know, we deliver two days worth of meals every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. While our usual weekly order deadline is Thursday nights, we’ve added an order cycle so that anyone who signs up by this Monday night can get their first delivery on Thursday, Mar 26.


see Fed’s COVID-19 measures here.

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