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Measures to help contain the pandemic
COVID-19 Measures
Fed has taken every recommended precaution to minimize exposure to COVID-19 for our staff and our Meal Club members.


- We've limited our sourcing to one supplier, Sysco, who we feel has taken an aggressive approach in dealing with COVID-19. Sysco has been vetted and supplies a number of healthcare institutions.

Kitchen Facility Changes

- All non-kitchen staff will do their work from home, when possible
- Segregated, modular kitchen is off-limits to everyone except the kitchen team
- Everyone in the facility must wear gloves at all times
- Non-staff people are not allowed in the facility
- Regular hand-washing is mandatory (required by VCH)
- Anyone showing any symptoms will not be allowed in the facility, and will be asked to stay home.

Fulfilment & Delivery changes

- We've overhauled our packaging to do one-way deliveries only (no return & reuse of any container).
- All packers are required to wear gloves when touching meals.
- Meals will be secured in a paper bag and stapled, to prevent tampering.
- All delivery drivers to wash hands at the start of their shift and wear gloves when touching the bags.
- All-deliveries will be non-contact—left outside the door.
- Regular sanitization of drivers' cars required.
- Any driver with any symptoms will be asked to stay home.
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