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Personalizing nutrition isn’t easy
Fortunately, we have the tools to make the process as easy as it can be. We partner with some of the best labs around to get specific info about your physiology, food sensitivities and genetics. Our Registered Dietitians and Physicians analyze your lab results and lifestyle to create recommendations for you.

We design meals with the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. These meals are made in-house by our chefs using fresh and carefully sourced ingredients. Our app gives you nutrition advice at your fingertips, and our publication features original content that puts people like you at the forefront of food. 
Fed’s approach is one of a kind because you’re one of a kind.

About Fed

Fed is a Vancouver-based nutrition startup. Our team is working on making eating healthy as easy as possible.
Procurement & Sourcing Lead
Tyler puts his Nutrition and Food Sciences background to good use. He has years of experience as an urban farmer, baker and culinary microbiologist. Tyler hopes to improve food industry standards and change the current nutrition landscape.
Backend Developer
Thomas has used his Computer Sciences background to help Toyota and Galdos Systems in the past. His motivation to grow Fed comes from his education in Biochemistry and interest in worldly cuisines. Thomas is an avid hiker who puts his photography skills to good use.
Lead Registered Dietitian
Danielle and degrees go together like food and nutrition. She has two bachelor’s degrees in science and a master’s in Human Nutrition. When she’s not finding ways to maximize nutrition, Danielle is Crossfitting or running obscene distances with her dog.
Founder & CEO
The entrepreneurial spirit is ripe with Elin. After starting several companies and non-profits, he’s comfortably settled into the food and nutrition world. Personalized nutrition might sound like wishful thinking to some, but Elin’s focus drowns out the naysayers.
Chief Research Officer
When it comes to global nutrition policy, Saba knows her stuff. She completed her MSc in Public Health Nutrition before working for both the WHO and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Saba’s passion for nutrition drives her to find solutions for diet-related diseases.
Lead Physician
Dr. Dave got his medical degree in 2005. He’s a fully licensed Family Physician in Vancouver, splitting time between his office, in-patient care and active teaching. Outside of work, you can find Dave indulging in the city’s food scene and cheering on his Winnipeg Jets.
VP Operations
Vahid has led projects for Runtastic, Sophos, Microsoft and Caseking. He’s passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and eager to tackle challenges in nutrition. When Vahid’s not learning about new technologies, he’s travelling the globe.
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