Week of September 3 to September 7

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Breakfast Scramble with Mushrooms & Smoked Bacon
Protein: 35g; Net Carb: 10g; Fat: 41g
Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken
Protein: 18g; Net Carb: 7g; Fat: 40g
Mini Meatloaves
Protein: 38g; Net Carb: 6g; Fat: 41g


Crepes with Chocolate Almond Butter
Protein: 26g; Net Carb: 7g; Fat: 62g
Cobb Salad with Ranch Dressing
Protein: 30g; Net Carb: 10g; Fat: 38g
Mushroom Risotto with Cauliflower Rice
Protein: 20g; Net Carb: 9g; Fat: 58g


Mushroom & Ricotta Galette
Protein: 28g; Net Cab: 8g; Fat; 43g
Curry Chicken with Roast Cauliflower
Protein: 34g; Net Carb: 10g; Fat: 38g
Baked Salmon with Asparagus & Fennel
Protein: 34g; Net Carb: 6g; Fat: 48g


Bacon & Zucchini Muffins
Protein: 29g; Net Carb: 10g; Fat: 54g
Shrimp & "Grits"
Protein: 24g; Net Carb: 6g; Fat: 70g
Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken with Green Beans
Protein: 40g; Net Carb: 6g; Fat: 48g


Blueberry Pancakes
Protein: 35g; Fat: 47g; Net Carb: 10g
Chicken Caesar Salad
Protein: 46g; Net Carb: 6g; Fat: 54g
Swedish Meatballs
Protein: 36g; Net Carb: 5g; Fat: 40g


Scrambled Egg & Smoked Chicken Breakfast
Protein: 44g; Net Carb: 7g; Fat: 50g
Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl
Protein: 44g; Net Carb: 8g; Fat: 46g
Orange Salmon with Broccoli
Protein: 41g; Net Carb: 8g; Fat: 62g