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Personalized meals that help you with weight management
Dietitian-monitored meal service for optimal health
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Fed/slim is a nutrient dense, balanced meal solution designed to keep you healthy and lean. We provide 3 meals a day delivered fresh, daily.
The Fed/slim meal plan is personalized to help you reach your health goals. All of our Slim meals are dietitian designed and chef prepared. With Fed/slim you can forget about counting calories, excessive food restrictions, and where your next healthy meal is coming from.

When you join Fed/slim, you first talk to your assigned dietitian for a baseline consult to discuss your goals. Your dietitian will then personalize your meal plan to meet those goals while customizing your meals based on your likes and dislikes.

Once you select your start date you will start receiving meals. After 4 weeks, we will arrange a follow-up consult to review your progress and decide on the best path forward. While on Fed/slim, we’ll be there to motivate and support you each step of the way.

Expect something delicious, fresh, and balanced everyday.
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