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Low Carb, High Protein Meals
for an Athletic Lifestyle
Dietitian-curated meals delivered to you fresh—daily.
Starting at just $13.49 per meal
Low Carb Diet,
on Autopilot
Whether it's for bodybuilding, weight-loss, or increased energy throughout the day, more and more people have realized a low carb diet could be beneficial for them. Fed's low carb, high protein meal plan makes this simple.

~20% carb  ~40% protein  ~40% fat

Expert Designed

Our dietitian designed meals follow Diabetes Canada’s guidelines so you no longer have to worry about what you eat.

Delivered to your Door

Save time on grocery shopping and do more of the things you love with our convenient home or office delivery.

Ready to Eat in Minutes

Our meals are professionally planned and prepared. Your meals are in your fridge, and ready to eat when you are.
Deliciously Crafted Ready-to-Eat Meals
Nutritionally Designed Meals
Made simple

Save an hour a day

Our meals are prepared by chefs. All you have to do is heat them when hungry, and enjoy. Save more than an hour a day on meal prep.

Meals in your fridge

Our meals are delivered to you the night before, so the food is always just a few steps away. Say goodbye to waiting.

15 less decisions each week

You can stick to a healthy diet without thinking about what to eat. Fed's menu is fully curated, and can be customized if you feel like it.

Say goodbye to grocery stores

Fed eliminates the need to go shopping. All the food is delivered to you. Your grocery store trips will feel like a fun outing, instead of a chore.
Foods that
Benefit Your Health

Limited Trans Fats & Sugars

We avoid using processed foods and refined sugars for taste. Instead, we focus on fresh fruits, veggies, protein-packed legumes, and  high-quality meats in our meals.

Increase Energy

By getting energy primarily though healthy fats, lean proteins, and high-quality carbs, Fed’s meals help boost you up - not drag you down.

Focus on Micronutrients

Our dietitian-designed menu provides all the essential vitamins and minerals. We track over 30 micronutrients that your body needs every day to feel it’s best.

Stay Full Longer

Fed’s meals are high in lean protein and fibre to increase satiety and avoid excess weight gain and allow for a slower rise in blood sugar.
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